Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New series coming up!

The past few weeks have been like an orgy of germs at our house. Just trading and swapping coughs, colds, and sinus infections

This is the second time this year that I've been sick- which is pretty rare. I haven't been sick since my preeclampsia episode and before that, it had probably been another few years since I had been sick.

Since deciding to take a holistic approach to health, I've been working on my body, mind and spirit all being in alignment. So I've had to do some reflecting and investigating as to why my clique and I have been under the weather so much lately. 

I'm pretty sure it has to do with: 

#1- All the crap (yummy Mexican food) we've been eating.

#2- Little to no sun exposure. 


Well, I'm not sure what #3 is yet. I'm still investigating. 

Maybe allergies? I didn't have issues with allergies while we lived in Denver. So maybe it's the dry New Mexican desert. 

Yup, #3 is probably dry weather.

 And you're probably wondering how does she manage to not get enough sun while living in the desert? 

Well, me and the sun don't mix.

My family calls me Powder if that gives a clue as to how I can be lacking in Vitamin D.

I'm pretty sure I've gotten a sunburn while hanging the clothes to dry. So I try and limit my time out there. 

                                    cartoon desert

Anyway, thanks to my violent coughing, I'm still getting an abdominal workout!

This cold has also encouraged me to start a regular series here about the spiritual cause of illness. 

Spiritual causes of illness?! What does that mean?!

It means that our bodies, minds, and spirits are all working together as one. 

If you have an issue with one, more than likely you have issues in the other. 

Remember, "spiritual" simply means having to do with the spirit. So when viewing illness, we look at the issue that are taking place inside of our spirits. These issues can be anything from unresolved anger, bitterness, fear, un-forgiveness, etc.

Our bodies have this energy force field that surrounds us. And beliefs, unresolved conflicts, emotions, and other things start to penetrate this field trying to get our attention. Since we usually don't pay attention, the issues keep getting deeper and deeper into our energy field until they start to manifest (be seen) in our physical bodies.

body energy fields

It's like getting a bill. 

You know you have to pay it, but you keep putting it off and putting it off-until you get the shut off notice and then you get serious. 

 Or is that just me? :P

It might sound a little kooky, but stay with me. I think you'll find, as I did, that this stuff makes waaaaay more sense then conventional medicine. 

Consider how many times conventional medicine leaves you with no real answer as to why you're having the health issue you've been dealing with. Or how the first resort is a medication, followed by unnecessary surgeries. 

Did you know that prescription drugs kill more people than illegal drugs? Preventable medical errors is the #3 killer in the United States- third only to heart disease and cancer!

Take for example the case of a Minnesota patient who underwent a bilateral mastectomy for cancer, only to find out post-surgery that a mix up with the biopsy reports had occurred, and she had NOT actually had cancer.

Messing up an order at a fast food place is already bad enough, but to make a mistake when reading a biopsy report?!! 

Ummm... that's not okay. 

I'm not bashing doctors, or even trying to get into a pharmaceutical debate. But unfortunately, there are more and more reports of doctors intentionally over-prescribing medication and proposing surgeries just to get big fat paychecks. 

We're all human and we make mistakes. But when your life is on the line, I think it's only logical to be open to alternative options instead of popping pills your doctor gave you. 

My intention with these posts is to invite you to take an active role in your health- body, mind and spirit. And to remind you that the power that creates the stars in the sky and the flowers in the earth is the same power that created your amazing, incredible body that your beautiful soul lives in!

So let's make it an awesome place to live!

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Felicia G

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