Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to Tell Someone No


Idk if you know this (I didn't)- NO is a complete sentence.

If you want, you can sweeten it up by adding a thank you to the end.

Sometimes I keep it short and sweet.


Or even nope.

 I'm getting so much better at using this beautifully freeing sentence.

I'm a pro at telling my son No!

They taught us in school to say no to drugs- and the church I grew up in taught us to say no to pretty much everything else.

But no one taught me how to say no to my family or friends.

It's a very important word that we all need to use from time to time.

If you are struggling with this two letter word, head on over to Over The Moon Magazine to learn how to say no!




Monday, January 26, 2015

Pam Grout E2 Book Review - A book about manifesting

quotes about reading

I'm buying books a lot faster than I'm reading and I wanna switch that up this year. I've also started a book club with one of my best friends-something I've been wanting to do for years!

Because my son was born at 26 weeks, he had to spend quite a bit of time in the NICU, just a week shy of 4 months.

The angel we met told us that we should read to our son- that way it would pass the time and he would be able to know we were there since we couldn't touch or hold him.

So the first thing we did was buy some books.

I read to him every day and I know it was one of the reasons for the amount of self growth I experienced in those 4 months. Reading is a form of therapy for me and this year, my aim is to read at least one book a month.

Pam Grout's E squared- Nine Do-It Yourself Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality made it's way to the top of the list.

I've had my eye on this one since it came out because it combines two of my favorite things, DIYs and metaphysics!

 If you haven't already experienced first hand that thoughts, intentions and energy are as real as the couch you're sitting on, I highly recommend this book.

The nine experiments take about 48 hours each. I'm going to be sharing my experiences and results from each one but I'll try not to spoil anything for you. Since some of these happened faster, I'm going to just keep updating this post with my results from the 9 experiments.

Experiment # 1: Asking for proof that there is a 24/7 energy force available to all of us, all we have to do is be aware of it and ask for what it is we want and it'll deliver.

Results: This was a little tricky for me since I already believe with every bit of my being that there is a presence bigger than us. I'm not trying to sound holy roller, but I am aware and engage with that presence throughout my day- so much more since I started meditating daily. So for me- the best I can describe the results of this experiment is like a kid believing in Santa Claus and not questioning where the presents under the tree came from.

Experiment #2: What you experience in your reality is because of your beliefs and expectations.

Results: In this experiment, you are to pick a color of car, or object and keep track of how many you see in 48 hours. I picked orange and my boyfriend picked lime green. I was inside for the first day of the experiment but I still managed to see orange cars. They were ALL over my Instagram feed. The morning of day two, I went to pick up coffee and I saw 5 orange vehicles in the 10 min travel to and from the coffee shop. At one point during our time cruising around town, my boyfriend and I looked over to find a bright orange car next to a lime green truck!! It's already been a couple of weeks and I'm still seeing those to colors everywhere.

Experiment #3: Use dowsing rods to physically see there is a field of energy around us that can be used to guidance (or finding water).

Results: I really enjoyed playing with the rods we made. You can make them with wire hangers. They can be programmed and used like you would a pendulum. I'll share how to use a pendulum in another post. I was also able to clear some stuck energy in my house using the rods. I'll share a post on that too.

Experiment #4 The results from this experiment are so amazing, it's gonna have it's own post.

Be sure to check back for more results!



Thursday, January 15, 2015

Be Happy Where You Are + Free Printable

We're a couple of weeks into the new year and thankfully I'm still excited and working on my goals for the year. While it's good to have an eye towards the future, it's also equally important to be happy and fulfilled now.

Goals should be a way to encourage self improvement, but can sometimes be used as a way to avoid fully being in the here and now.

I'm guilty of using goals as a means to escape reality.

Let's use my blog for example. I want to grow my blog to reach thousands of people.

So naturally, I spend all day on Pinterest pinning away all the things I need to do to make that happen.

Instead of making a plan of action-able steps, I spend all day in lala land. Now it's 7 o'clock and my family is starving and all I've done all day is pretend I have a million blog followers that are waiting for my pearls of wisdom. (My ego can sometimes get the best of me).

So I must stop and think- Am I really ready for a million readers?

Maybe not.

At least not until I can remember to feed my family at a decent time.

Are you really ready for those big dreams and goals? Check out my article on Over the Moon Magazine to see if you're really ready!


Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to Accomplish Goals in 30 Days

This year, I've decided to change resolutions to experiences.

Experience just feels better for me. Instead of feeling anxious, I feel excited and encouraged.

Experience feels more reachable.

My latest article for Over the Moon Magazine gives you a real, no-nonsense guide to reaching your goals for this year!

Get out your New Years resolutions cuz I'm gonna help you mark some of those off your list! 

Click here to check it out.

Be sure to comment and let me know what you want to experience this year!



Thursday, January 1, 2015

Healthy New Year, Healthy New you

Happy New Year- a.k.a "I'm ready to get in the best shape/relationship/job/etc. of my life!".

2015. So crazy.

I thought for sure after the Y2K we'd be teleporting, and have robots who clean and cook calorie-less foods like Rosie from the Jetsons

I don't mean to brag, but we got a robot this year. 

Yup. A real- life robot. 

My son got a robotic dinosaur. He doesn't cook, or clean, but he can sit, bark and growl. And he can go into maniac mode if you press a button on his back (which isn't that impressive, I can do the same thing).

Well, just as I'm sure that there's technology out there for teleporting, I'm pretty sure there's some sort of technology for getting rid of calories (kinda like the Total Gym we got for Christmas). 

It's safe to say the past, oh I don't know, maybe my whole post-pubescent life, one of my new years resolutions has been to get healthier (code for skinnier)

While I could go on and on ranting about body image and weight and women and all the other stuff you already know, I'm gonna save you the headache. After all, it was one of the biggest party days of the year last night.

As I was cleaning up today after our awesome party, I tuned into Over the Moon Radio and listened to episode 2- Stop Feeling Crazy About Food with Isabel Foxen Duke

Isabel made a very good point. One that we all need to commit to memory.

Weight and health are NOT the same thing. 

You can be healthy and thin and healthy and not thin. You can be unhealthy and thin and unhealthy and not thin. 

So if you're like one of the many bazillion women who want to get "healthier" this year, I suggest you check it out. Or even if you just ate one too many tofu cocktail weenies or one too many glasses of gluten free champagne. 
Sorry so short, but I have more confetti to clean up. 

Listen to it and get ready to be the healthiest you you can be!

Cheers to the new, healthy, you!!