Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What To Do When You Lack Motivation

I get so overwhelmed with all my ideas & ambitions that it seems easier to just lay in bed and take a nap. Then there are days when I'm so focused and fired up and ready to tackle anything, nothing can stop me. Today is not one of those days. Today is one of those lay in bed all day kinda days. This issue of trying to make something out of my life, fulfilling my feels like a battle sometimes. There are times when I feel like none of it matters, that nothing we do matters. I get frustrated because I don't get why we have to work just to make pieces of paper. It seems so dumb sometimes. Like why can't we all just do what we love and barter and not have to spend so much time "making money". What's the point of all of this is?

Yesterday was a Debbie Downer kinda day.

I was feeling defeated. We all feel it at one point or another.

I tend to be overly ambitious. I want to do everything at the same time, and I want it done like yesterday. Since I had so many things I wanted to do, I probably got overwhelmed and decided not to do anything.
Maybe it was all the wind. Whatever it was, I was feeling defeated.

I was just being dramatic. I was lacking motivation and it spiraled into "maybe I'm doing the wrong thing, maybe I should be doing something else, if this was my real passion, then why aren't I motivated to do any work?" I was ready to throw in the towel, to call it a day and just lay in bed.

There are lots of times when we feel like what's the point? You're not defeated. You're just having a bad day. And it's not really even a bad day. It just might not be a productive of a day as you would like.

I'm pretty sure Michael Phelps had those days when he'd rather stay inside and watch movies all day. And I bet Giselle Bunchend has lots of days when she'd rather sit on the couch and eat a whole cake. (Probably not, but it makes me feel better thinking she does). Do a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life...blah, blah, blah. Just because you're doing a job you love, doesn't mean every day is going to be all butterflies and rainbows. And just because there are days you don't want to do you job, doesn't mean it isn't your passion, or purpose.

I know I am living my purpose. But I was totally second guessing myself. I felt like I was swimming upstream. So I decided to stop. I called it a day because I knew I wasn't getting anywhere.

Whenever you aren't in the flow, when you aren't feeling connected to the Divine, God, whatever you call your source of inspiration- it's best to not do anything. 

Don't dig yourself deeper and deeper. Once you realize that you are swimming upstream, stop. Go with the flow. Maybe the best thing for you to do is nothing. Maybe you're being guided to slow down to get a different perspective, or a better insight to a problem you've been working on.

 You have the power to change your thoughts, which will change the direction of your life. Once you notice you aren't feeling good, stop and do something that does feel good.

Don't ever forget that there is a force so much bigger than you that can see the whole picture.

When it comes to running a business or when you're working towards a goal or project, there seems like there's so much that needs to be done, and if you aren't doing it, someone else is.

You have a gift that no one else has, and you have ways in sharing those gifts that no one else can. So don't worry that someone else is going to work harder than you or steal your chance. Take it easy, breathe, relax. We all have those days. Don't worry, they'll pass.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and they had a whole crew.

Love, light and rainbow kisses,


Monday, April 21, 2014

Removing Energy Blocks That Are Keeping You From Attracting Abundance

        How to manifest money

Attracting wealth and abundance are usually at the top of the manifesting list for most of us. Have you been attracting, manifesting, creating, affirming...only to end up frustrated and still broke? If all the affirmations in the world aren't getting you to where you want to be financially, then this post is for you.

If you read this post,  then you know I really had no clue what I wanted to do with my life until recently. And I might be doing something totally different 5 years from now!

I kinda had an idea what I wanted to be doing with my life. I knew I wanted to contribute to the empowerment and uplifting of society, mainly woman.

I never considered myself materialistic-it didn't make sense to me that people were working so hard to get more things to make payments on, like houses and cars, etc. So I started to tell myself that I wasn't  going to worry about stuff like that.

I would always tell myself that I only needed enough to live simply. What that really meant was not having any real goals and to just get as many clients I needed to pay my bills.

So that's what I did.

If I needed some extra cash, I'd run a special for my clients and  have some extra money and I'd get by for awhile.

Then I watched this video of Jim Rohn.

I never even thought about life outside of myself. I felt that if I wasn't feeding into consumerism and all those material things, that I was doing my part. (I personally feel like I was just hiding the fact that I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my life.)
didn't have any real goals. I was just floating along. For some people, that works, but it wasn't really working for me. I was stressed and anxious all the time, and I didn't really know why.  

Well actually I did.

I knew that I was avoiding the dreams I had inside. I had all these ambitions and ideas and I ignored them. It was easier to just lay low and not really think about all that stuff. Subconsciously I thought that if I didn't try, then I couldn't fail.


I had a job that was paying the bills, sometimes. But wtf was I supposed to do if I wanted to quit my massage job? I felt like I didn't have any other skills. So I continued being a mediocre massage therapist. I wasn't really trying to advance in my career, I was just getting by.

A few years ago, I came across a video from this girl Christie Marie Sheldon- actually I think my boyfriend found it and shared it with me. She was advertising her new program, Unlimited Abundance.

Christie is an intuitive healer who uses her gift to help people eliminate their energy blocks, raise their vibrations and manifest their ideal realities. She's spent the last 15 years doing private energy sessions, helping people get rid of the blocks that sabotage our chances for creating our ideal lives. So she created a program where she could do her energy clearings through a series of audios and guided meditations.

I know, sounds a little crazy. 

I didn't believe it either. I was very skeptic. I had no clue how this lady was supposed to get all in my energy and remove the blocks. So I didn't sign up for the webinar that she was offering.

I was doing affirmations every day, balancing my chakras, using visualizations, meditations- anything that promised to bring me more money.


I struggled for three more years after first hearing about Christie Sheldon.

We moved to Denver and I was more stressed than ever. I quit doing massage and started an online jewelry business. It was fun, but still not my dream. I was affirming all day and staying positive and hopeful and all that stuff...but I was still behind on bills and clueless about the direction I wanted my life to go.

One night, I was praying and begging for guidance. I was doing the whole I'm a good person, please help me prayer. 

And guess prayer was answered! I had forgotten all about Christie and her program, and then I received an email from her team about a webinar she was hosting to talk about the Unlimited Abundance program. 

That was my sign. I knew it wasn't a coincidence and that I needed to do the program.

So I went ahead and signed up for the webinar. I listened to the clearing sessions, and felt better immediately. In the energy clearing session, she does a guided meditation that was so amazing.

I’ve been meditating for about 7 years, and her meditation gets you in the zone, quickly and easily. It’s one of my favorite parts of the session.

The program is a series of audios that you listen to that will explain the block and then she puts you in the meditative state that allows the block to be cleared. The great thing about the program is you get the mp3 as well, so you can just load in onto your phone, iPod, etc. and listen to it anywhere.

I felt so good, even just from the webinar. I had renewed hope in my desires and finally felt like I had the tools to attract anything I wanted.

The first thing I noticed was this sense of calm assurance. I had gone from this constant feeling of fear and anxiety to feeling more laid back. To others, that might not sound like a big deal, but my anxiety was so bad that this subtle change was HUGE.

It was as if for the first time, my mind was clear enough to allow ideas that would bring the abundance.

I found myself exploring career options I had never even considered. There were opportunities all around me, and I could finally see them!

Within 3 months of finishing the program, I started a new career, made significant changes in my finances, and most importantly, I was on a career path I was passionate about.

Three months!! I spent the last 10 years searching for what the Unlimited Abundance program gave me in a matter of months.

I really felt like anything was possible. I had removed the blocks that were keeping me from living the life of my dreams.

Thanks to Christie's program, I was able to clear myself from the blocks that were holding me back. 

And I did it in the comfort of my home.

The only regret I had was not starting the program the first time I heard about it. If I was able to make such huge changes in 3 months, imagine where I could be if I would’ve started 3 years ago! But better late than never.

With all the nonsense that’s out there, I know it can be tough to trust the claims that everyone makes.

The great thing about this program is that you can get a full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied. No questions asked.

So if you've been affirming and visualizing, but still feel stuck, I recommend you go here and get you're FREE preview of the program. You've got nothing to lose!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Can someone please make GMO free, healthy Hot Cheetos?!

It's 11 o'clock on a Friday night. Baby is asleep and life is good. Everyone likes to unwind after a long day... some people enjoy a glass of wine, a nice cold beer, maybe even a nice fat joint...mmj of course ;)

My vice is Hot Cheetos. Honestly, just about any neon colored chip. I LOVE Hot Cheetos. Like Pee Wee Herman why-don't-you-marry-them love them. I love all cheetos. I even have the cheeto commercials saved on my Youtube fav's.

My car.....Jk

I know they're bad. I make myself do like 40 hail mary's after I eat them.

My love for hot cheetos started in middle school, 7th grade to be exact. 6th grade was pretty depressing, but 7th grade was incredible! They opened a new middle school (junior high as my man would say) and it like going to school in Bevery Hills- flowers and fountains and tv's in the class rooms. It was awesome. During lunch, one of the teachers would bring out this rolling cart full of stuff kids love...candy, lollipops, little debbies, you name it. Granola moms would've crapped their organic panties if they knew all the junk that teacher was selling. And everything was 5 for a dollar. I'm pretty sure it was to fund their after school happy hour.

Anyway, it was like Christmas everyday. I would get a bag of hot cheetos and a gourmet lollipop that would inevitably fall and break before I could put a dent in it.

My sister shares this love of hot cheetos with me. Every time we get together, it's like when old friends binge drink, talking about the good ol' days. Except we binge on hot cheetos. A sandwich just isn't the same with out a nice side of neon red deliciousness.

I know they're full of addicting red 40 and blue 30 and god knows what other brain tricking excitotoxins. I don't want my son to ever eat them because I'm pretty sure they're as addicting as meth.

I want to rid myself of this addiction. I'm just not ready to let them go yet. We don't do dairy, we hardly ever eat beef, we don't eat bacon, 95% of everything in our house is organic, we drink fresh juice everyday...we're doing alright.

So I don't need an intervention, I already know. But don't be too mad at me- we had fresh pressed juice for dinner, again.  Hey, I told you I wasn't perfect...I've got my own struggles going on here ok. 

What I do need is for the frito lay and cheeto lay and all the other neon chip makers to please, please figure out a way to make non chemical, GMO free chips. And make 'em gluten free while you're at it! I know there are millions of people who would love to eat them.

If Redbull can have some guy free fall from outer space, then I know they can make healthy hot cheetos.

Or at least a hot cheeto flavored rice cake. Please, just some sort of red, delicious, crunchy something that can cure me from this addiction. I'm trying really hard to eat clean and blah, blah, blah. I don't beat myself up over a bag of hot cheetos every once in awhile.

And it wasn't even my fault... if Target would've had the rice chips 2 for $3 like the cheetos, I obviously would've bought them instead.  

Idk I've you've seen this- but watch this dude literally free fall from outerspace. I know it's long but it's TOTALLY worth it.  Happy Friday.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

It's Okay to not know Your Life's Purpose

When it comes to getting things done, there are two kinds of people.

Doers and thinkers.

 For example: say there's people playing double dutch. The doers would just jump right in, not caring that they have no clue what they're doing or not caring if they're even doing it right.

The thinkers would first google things like, what is double dutch, when was it created, who created it, why did they create it, should I play double dutch, what are the percentage of people who are happier after double dutch, etc. Then once they think they've got it all figured out, they might Youtube a few videos of real people double dutching.

I am a thinker.

Not like a logical thinker, more like philosopher thinker. It's been an issue my whole life. I would spend so much time thinking and over thinking.

And guess what...I would never get anywhere!

I would beat myself up about all the time, feeling I was wasting time by not taking action.

Not taking action is actually just another way of taking action.

Maybe if I had kept up with my blog 3 years ago, I would already have written my first book. But then I think about all the stuff I've learned in between.

 I'm not the same person I was 3 years ago.

There's a lot of pressure to start your life young and to accomplish and succeed and to have it all figured out.

I vividly remember  in my senior year in high school- my guidance counselor was helping me sign up for college (which I hadn't even planned on going) and she asked me what do you want to major in?

What? I don't know what you're saying.

What do you want to do for the rest of your life?

OMG my anxiety was through the roof.

I'm pretty sure I had a  massive panic attack.

How the heck was I supposed to know what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I had just gotten my drivers license!?

That question plagued me for the next 10 years. I was so overwhelmed by the idea that I never gave it any more thought.

During my career as a massage therapist, I went through a lot of phases.

I kept looking for the elusive life purpose.

I thought it would be cool to work in a laid back environment where I could walk around barefoot and  be my own boss, so I became a massage therapist.

Then I had this idea that massage wasn't enough so I wanted to become an acupuncturist. So I got a job working for my acupuncturist.

I loved video games so I got a job at Gamestop.

I always wanted to be a comedian so I joined a burlesque troop and did comedy. (My sister called me stripper clown).

Then I thought I wanted to be a cosmetologist, so I went to beauty school. Then I became a beauty school drop out cuz it turned out I really didn't like it that much.

A few years later, I remembered how much I enjoyed making and creating jewelry so I started a jewelry business.

You should see my resume! 

Those were all my hobbies and interests. But they weren't really my passion. I kinda had an idea what my real passion was but I wasn't totally sure.

But I had some incredible experiences during those 10 years of not knowing my life purpose.

What I was really looking for was an outlet to be me.

I was looking for myself. Those things were just one aspect of me. I used to feel like such a failure that I didn't have it all figured out. I would literally lay awake in bed all night trying so hard to figure out what i was supposed to be doing.

What does anyone really know about themselves in their 20's?

Not much. Not even in your 30's. Maybe a little more in your 40's? But then 50 comes along and you're like wtf. I still don't have a clue.

First, let's let go of the pressure of  finding your life purpose.

One of my most influential teachers, Christie Marie Sheldon describes you life purpose as that which makes you happy.

Our real purpose is for us to be so full of life and expressing joy and love everyday. I'll explain why she was so influential in another post. Ok so instead of asking yourself whats my life purpose, ask what makes me happy.

And what can I do everyday to make myself happy. When you're happy, your happiness is contagious.

As light workers (people who's purpose is to help spread the truth of love) we can sometimes get so confused as to how were supposed to help people and how to live that purpose.

You don't have to have a special job description to help people.

A few weekends ago at the I Can Do It Denver conference, Sonia Choquette demonstrated this beautifully. She pulled this girl on stage and asked her what she wanted to do with her life. The girl replied "I want to help people". Sonia asked her how. "I want to be a physical therapist". Basically Sonia was telling the girl that she didn't have to be anything other than herself to help people. So she had the girl sing a song and made us all laugh and she asked if the girl helped us and everyone agreed that she had.

The moral of the story is that we should help people every day. To be the best person we can be everyday. And be patient knowing that in time, you'll figure it out.

Don't be an a** hole in the meantime while trying to "find your purpose".

Smile at strangers, bless people instead of judging them. Be kind.

Trust me, you'll figure out what you're supposed to be doing when you're ready to do it.

You can also head over to The Passion Test. They have a quick test that gives you some guidance.

Love, light and fairy wings.

-Felicia G

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm Coming Out of the (Spiritual) Closet

I'm coming out! 
I want the world to know
Got to let it show
There's a new me coming out
And I just had to live 
And I wanna give
I'm completely positive
I think this time around
I am gonna do it
Like you never knew it
Ooh, I'll make it through

-Diana Ross

We've all had that one gay friend (or more if you're lucky) who's totally out of the closet. They're so confident in who they are that they just wanna be loud and proud.

Then there's the one that keeps everyone guessing.

You know, the one that dresses good and cleans his kitchen.

But this isn't limited to sexual preference.

This is for anyone who's ever felt worried or scared to be themselves.

As I thought about what to write, I felt all this angst and rebellion-

I wanted to get out my prayer flags, light my incense and shout out "namaste bitches!!"

It was like I was 15 again.

I felt like I was having to defend myself, and be ready for my friends and family to judge me. But while thinking about what to write, I realized how ridiculous I was being. 

If you've spent any real time talking to me, you've probably heard my ghost stories, or conspiracy theories or my thoughts on aliens.

This might sound like old news to you.

Or most of you might not even care! We can be so egotistical and think that people really care what we're doing.

Here's a little secret-

Most people aren't really paying attention to what you're doing.

And if they are judging you, they're secretly wishing they could be themselves. But instead of putting that energy into bettering themselves, they put that energy into hating on you.

I also realized the real battle here is with myself. 

I'm the one who projected this version of myself. I'm the one who lead people to believe I was a certain way, or pretended to be interested in things I really wasn't. 

So the real person I've been fighting this whole time was myself.

When my son was born, I felt like I was in the zone. 

I was so consumed with what was going on with him that I didn't have any time to worry about what other people thought.

My son was born 4 months early and it was the craziest time of my life. I was stripped of everything I knew and I had no other choice but to rely on God in every situation. 

My thoughts, actions and words were all aligned. I was just being me. 

And it felt great.

I was basically cut off from my old life the 4 months he was in the hospital. 

I was filling my mind and heart with encouragement. I was meditating every day. I was really doing good! I had no problem saying what I felt. I was open to sharing my experiences. I was so full of joy and gratitude for everything and everyone.

Talking to God was a regular event throughout my day.

I was so focused on the good and that's all I wanted to share. 

My son was released with a perfect bill of health and we were back home and back to our lives. And I went straight back into my old ways of complaining and engaging in the negativity of everything around me. 

I went back to putting on a show.

I wasn't encouraging or optimistic. I went back to being the old me.

And I was miserable.  

I've been playing to part but I just can't do it anymore. 

This past weekend, my love and I went to the Hay House "I Can Do It Denver" seminar, and OMG. The experiences I had were just so incredible that I can't even contain myself.

I was in a room of hundreds of strangers but felt completely at home. I was surrounded by people who are on the same page.

But unlike my old church camp days, I'm not going write about it in my journal and go back to being the same person.

I finally feel free to be me and to move on to the next phase of my life.

And to be me all the time.

Unapologetically me.

So I guess this post is for those of you who are thinking, wth- She's into all that weird stuff?! 


I talk to angels, I use affirmations and law of attraction.

I balance my chakras and have crystals all around my house to raise the energy.

And I used to see dead people. 


We all put on these facades. 

Are you really being you? Or are you being who you think everyone wants you to be? Maybe you don't even know who you are yet. Lemme tell you that that's okay too.

Maybe you're stressed out and upset cuz you don't know who you are or who you want to be. Be gentle with yourself, just spend a little time each day trying to figure it out. You'll know it when you find it.

You are free to change yourself at any time. Who care's if people say you've changed. At least you're moving forward!

But in order to be truly happy, you've got to be YOU.

The right people will love you for you and the rest- well they aren't good for you anyway. 

-Felicia G