Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What To Do When You Lack Motivation

I get so overwhelmed with all my ideas & ambitions that it seems easier to just lay in bed and take a nap. Then there are days when I'm so focused and fired up and ready to tackle anything, nothing can stop me. Today is not one of those days. Today is one of those lay in bed all day kinda days. This issue of trying to make something out of my life, fulfilling my feels like a battle sometimes. There are times when I feel like none of it matters, that nothing we do matters. I get frustrated because I don't get why we have to work just to make pieces of paper. It seems so dumb sometimes. Like why can't we all just do what we love and barter and not have to spend so much time "making money". What's the point of all of this is?

Yesterday was a Debbie Downer kinda day.

I was feeling defeated. We all feel it at one point or another.

I tend to be overly ambitious. I want to do everything at the same time, and I want it done like yesterday. Since I had so many things I wanted to do, I probably got overwhelmed and decided not to do anything.
Maybe it was all the wind. Whatever it was, I was feeling defeated.

I was just being dramatic. I was lacking motivation and it spiraled into "maybe I'm doing the wrong thing, maybe I should be doing something else, if this was my real passion, then why aren't I motivated to do any work?" I was ready to throw in the towel, to call it a day and just lay in bed.

There are lots of times when we feel like what's the point? You're not defeated. You're just having a bad day. And it's not really even a bad day. It just might not be a productive of a day as you would like.

I'm pretty sure Michael Phelps had those days when he'd rather stay inside and watch movies all day. And I bet Giselle Bunchend has lots of days when she'd rather sit on the couch and eat a whole cake. (Probably not, but it makes me feel better thinking she does). Do a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life...blah, blah, blah. Just because you're doing a job you love, doesn't mean every day is going to be all butterflies and rainbows. And just because there are days you don't want to do you job, doesn't mean it isn't your passion, or purpose.

I know I am living my purpose. But I was totally second guessing myself. I felt like I was swimming upstream. So I decided to stop. I called it a day because I knew I wasn't getting anywhere.

Whenever you aren't in the flow, when you aren't feeling connected to the Divine, God, whatever you call your source of inspiration- it's best to not do anything. 

Don't dig yourself deeper and deeper. Once you realize that you are swimming upstream, stop. Go with the flow. Maybe the best thing for you to do is nothing. Maybe you're being guided to slow down to get a different perspective, or a better insight to a problem you've been working on.

 You have the power to change your thoughts, which will change the direction of your life. Once you notice you aren't feeling good, stop and do something that does feel good.

Don't ever forget that there is a force so much bigger than you that can see the whole picture.

When it comes to running a business or when you're working towards a goal or project, there seems like there's so much that needs to be done, and if you aren't doing it, someone else is.

You have a gift that no one else has, and you have ways in sharing those gifts that no one else can. So don't worry that someone else is going to work harder than you or steal your chance. Take it easy, breathe, relax. We all have those days. Don't worry, they'll pass.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and they had a whole crew.

Love, light and rainbow kisses,


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