Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Is Multi-tasking Slowing Down your Manifesting?

I'm currently working on about 250 different projects right now.

Well, at least that's what it feels like.

My mind is constantly running in about 50 different directions. I'm currently in the process of starting to build passive income online. I first heard about passive income about 3 years ago and I'm finally getting started.

Even as I'm writing this, I've already opened about 4 other tabs. The first tab was "how to follow through". Once I found an article I liked, halfway through the article, tab #2....."why can't I follow through".

Tab #3... Target hours. Yup. As I'm writing this post, I'm mentally planning my trip to Target later.

It's the internet's fault.

Damn you tabbed browsing.

If I was a kid, they would totally put me on Ritalin.

These days, it's so easy to try and do more than one thing at a time. We actually pride ourselves on being multi-taskers.

But the truth is, we aren't really doing ourselves any good by focusing on more than one thing at a time.

If I could just get myself to focus on one thing at a time, I'd have way more things accomplished than 4 half-ass projects.

I feel like over the past couple years, I've been really aware of my thoughts, and what I'm offering vibrationally. As I'm co-creating my reality, I sometimes feel like I'm not receiving what I'm trying to manifest.

Then it hit me.

Maybe the reason I'm not getting to the end result- the things I'm trying to manifest is because I never follow through on anything.

Everything is reciprocated.

I start a task, put all this energy into it. And then... I stop. No follow through.

So if I'm setting a vibration for something, I start to put all this energy behind it, and not getting a follow through, it must be because of what I'm offering vibrationally.

Easier said than done when you've spent the majority of your life multi-tasking.

I've created a habit of not following through. So how do I change that?

By creating a new habit. A habit of following through.

I was thinking back to when I was most productive. And for me, that was when I was meditating every day. I felt more focused, calm and productive.

And I was a manifesting machine! I was totally in the zone.

My new habit is to meditate daily. Even if it's a 5 minute meditation.

While there's some debate on how long it takes to cultivate a new habit, I'm gonna go with 34.

The number 34 has shown up in my life for quiet some time now. Now it's been showing up at least once a day for a few weeks.

According to Joanne Sacred Scribes, (my favorite index for Angel numbers), angel number 34 is a message from the angels to put some extra effort towards your creative endeavours to ensure that you will reap long-term rewards. Trust that the work you to today will benefit your future.

Sounds pretty accurate to me!!

I intend to cultivate this new vibration of following through, so the Universe will follow through on the things and situations I am focusing on.

Are there things that you aren't seeing all the way through? What small habit can you do everyday to turn yourself into a manifesting machine? It could be something as simple as drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up.

If we all start finishing all the things we start, we could make some big changes together!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

WTF is DST (Daylight Savings Time)

I was caught off guard Sunday morning when I woke up to find all my clocks were wrong. Had I been abudcted by aliens?!

Nope. It was Daylight Savings Time. I guess when you don't work outside your home, or watch local news, you don't get reminded about DST. I'm suprised my dad didn't call to remind me. It's been 4 days of this new time change and I'm not any closer to getting used to it. 

I was up til 2...again. My baby's schedule is all messed up too. I had finally gotten him back on track with his sleeping schedule (our move to Denver totally threw him off). It took me about 5 months to get him sleeping through the night again. 

Thankfully, he's still sleeping all night, but his naps aren't happenin'. 

Yesterday, he missed his first nap, and it was 7 by the time he fell asleep. He slept until 9:30. 
That's about the time we've been eating dinner. So of course if we're not eating dinner til almost 10, we're not going to be ready for bed at 10.

We ate some dinner, and played til about 11:15 and luckily he started getting tired again. I put him back to sleep and came to my office (it's my son's playroom, I just put a little desk in the corner) and decided to research what this whole DST was all about. 

And I didn't get a clear understanding. In fact, I'm even more confused now. 

Apparently there's a debate on who really discovered or created DST. Some say it was Benny Franklin (I give most people nicknames) and George V. Hudson. And the Romans used some sort of water clocks to get the most use out of the sun. 

Here's the best explination I could find: 

So what did I learn?

It's called Daylight SAVING Time. Not Savings. 

While this new found knowledge might not help me adjust any easier to Daylight Saving Time, at least I'll know the correct way of saying it. Thanks again, internet! 

And here's another video just for fun. I know, I need a social life.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014



Welcome to Ambitious Mystic

Ambitious Mystic is about success & spirituality. Success & spirituality mean different things for different people. This blog is about exploring and embracing new meanings of the two. Whether you're a school teacher or a star child, we've got a little something for everyone, in practical ways we can all apply.

My interest in metaphysical, spiritual and new age stuff comes from early experiences with forces greater than myself. And having a hippy mom. Every direction my life has taken has been Divinely guided...even though it didn't aways feel that way. 

My relationship with God has changed a lot since my days as a holy roller (as my dad would say). For the past 8 or 9 years, I've been trying to get closer to that Divine presence that has always been in my life. 

I was a massage therapist for 10 years and while it wasn't my real passion, it led to me A LOT of people who made a huge impact on my spiritual journey. I've recently embraced my true passion, which is encouraging people through art & writing. I love to share stories and make people laugh. I've finally come to a place in my life where I feel comfortable and ready to embrace being me..the real me. No more worrying about who might get offended or misunderstand me. My personality and humor might not be for everyone, and that's okay with me. 

 My son is my main reason to embrace my authentic self so I can encourage him to do the same. Being mom is such a terrifying and rewarding experience. As much as I'd love to raise my love child in a cool hippy commune, that's not an option right now. So I'm also having to learn how to be financially responsible, an area I've not really put a lot of time into

What I've learned so far is that to be successful, you must first know what success means to you. I'll be sharing tips and ways you can start to figure out what success means to you and how to achieve it.

Even though I can sometimes get pretty far out, I also have a passion for science and research. But I promise not to bore you with all the boring sciencey stuff. I'm gonna get down to the nitty gritty and show you how you can use this new age stuff to live the life of your dreams. 

So if you're down to get into some new ways of thinking, I invite you to hang out with me here at Ambitious Mystic- where success & spirituality collide. 

Love, light and unicorn dust,
-Felicia G